Our Offerings

Offer a broad spectrum of South Florida residential luxury real estate services in an exceptional manner that go beyond traditional realtor offerings.
Take the time to understand what you want so we can provide you with the best options that meet or exceed your goal, whether it be finding a new home, vacation residence, investment property or marketing your property for sale.
Provide our 360 approach – interior design and construction combined with traditional real estate services – to give you a distinctively innovative experience, no matter if you are buying or selling.
Go more than the extra mile to help you find or make your dream home or sell your current home in the most attractive fashion.
Guide you through every step of your buying or selling process with dedicated attention to every detail.
Eliminate your worry by anticipating problems and minimizing them.


Let us assist you with:
• Buying a new home or vacation property
• Selling a current home or vacation property
• Marketing a luxury property
• Purchasing or selling an investment property

Do You Want to Sell Your Home? Here’s What We Can Do!

Prepare your home for sale by featuring it not as a home but as a luxury lifestyle.
Produce luxury home merchandising presentations that include elegant, state-of-the-art marketing techniques complemented by incomparable creativity.
Stage your home for sale by using innovative accessorizing and/or decluttering techniques to appeal to widest range of potential buyers.
Present interested buyers with a vision for your home that will meet the buyer’s requirements.
Offer potential buyers turn-key interior design packages, with the goal of transforming your residence into the home of the buyer’s dreams.
Reconfigure a room or area layout, or sketch design ideas for a considering buyer to help them see how your home can become truly their own.


Maintaining the highest ethical standards throughout each transaction, our stellar client service will help you sell your home at the best possible market price.

Buying Your Home? Let Us Help!

We have extensive and impeccable experience in helping buyers like you to find your ultimate residence. Specializing in luxury waterfront homes, we have the most up-to-date knowledge in the luxury real estate market about both what is available and what is coming onto the market.

We take your decision to buy to heart and deliver results!

We will find the perfect residence for you or identify properties with the potential to become your home! With our 360 approach to see homes for what they can be, not just for what they are, we’ll help you realize the potential in a home, even if it does not have the layout that meets your criteria or does not quite fit your desires. Ultimately, we can present a vision for a home that may not be readily apparent. We can brainstorm design and construction ideas, sketch out a plan or draw up options for you during your visit. This unique talent helps you conceptualize how a home can truly become your own.
We give you the utmost in personal attention and will individually guide you through all phases of the buying process to both simplify it and so you can make the most informed decisions to achieve the home of your dreams.

Are You Developing A Home On Spec? Partner With Us!

Investors and developers are faced with a unique set of challenges when conceptualizing a luxury home. This is where we come in. With our refined background in construction and luxury interior design, we can help you identify prime location down to the actual site, design the interior of your spec house and develop a breakthrough marketing strategy to ensure your spec property appeals to your targeted buyer. Our marketing strategies range from such innovative techniques as digital walkthroughs to design simulations. Working together, we will help you build a spec home and sell it.

We can merchandise your home in a stimulating marketing campaign designed to attract a buyer during construction.